Meet the Team

Our team is made of 30 somethings that have a passion for engineering and support.


Andy Wood


Jon Carnage


Sam Newsome


Matt Fever

About Gaming Deluxe

GamingDeluxe run their own 10 gigabit dedicated DDOS protected gaming network, enabling incredibly low latancy gaming along side their custom PowerEdge Gaming Servers running at a minimum of 16GB Ram & Intel’s Xeon E3-1270 v2 clocked at 3.9Ghz. Each server comes with 1GB free Clan Webhosting and a 10 slot mumble server included, so you can be sure that your clans and communities will be thriving with happy gamers.

We’ll always have your back at those critical moments.

Our History

GamingDeluxe have been in operation since 2004. It all started when Andy Wood (w00der) got original Call of Duty 1.0 for Xmas from his brother in law. By mid January he was playing with a bunch of regulars and soon joined forces with them and joined thier newly form clan. The clan members were screaming out for a server and no one would step up to the plate and pay so w00der did and began admining the server, the with IT skills he used in his day job.

Within a year CODUO had been released and the clan had one of the buisiest servers in the world. The clan were spending out £200 a month on a dedi which performed poorly so w00der decided to invest some cash with fellow clan member Flave and get a beast of a server that could handle the popularity of the server. With that, the server was so good people would ask who hosted it, and the reply was us, and people started to ask to rent space.

Within months we had bought another server and found ourselves up to five servers in no time. By this time flave was unable to assist any more so they parted company. w00der continued alone to the point that COD4 was released and had 40 servers and had soon out grown his host who was looking to get out of the Game Providing Buisness and so w00der again made a leap of faith and invested into this and bought his buisness. With that came employees whom you should all be familiar with Steve Smith and Jon (Carnage). Since then we have grown from strength to strength and over the years taken on alot of other GSP's including:

  • Cybernetic Servers
  • GamersNetwork
  • GameServer Land
  • Direct Clan Hosting
  • Dedifrag
  • Killer Creation

We now have our own suite with 12 racks of high performance dell servers. We set up Gaming Deluxe to provide the service and network we wanted for ourselves and are now pleased to offer it to like minded gamers. We have a vast knowledge of gaming and networking and this expertise combined can provide your clan with a service you could previously only dream about. Now this service is a reality and we are hosting some of the busiest servers in the UK. We built our Gigabit network from the ground up to make sure we could control all aspects of our services. If you are looking for low latency low ping and the best support your money can buy, you have come to the right place.

Why so cheap?

It's true in life that you get what you pay for. (In most cases) Sometimes however, it's possible to cut out all the middlemen and reduce the overall price. GamingDeluxe are the supplier, you are buying direct, not through middlemen.

Still not convinced?

Come talk to one of the team to have a free test drive of a GamingDeluxe server.

Our Servers

GamingDeluxe have a variety of servers that run both the clan servers and dedicated boxes. Our Servers - are all custom built rack mountable dell machines and not cheap shuttle boxes. All have been built to our specifications, so we are confident we are offering you the best equipment going. All are 64 bit Xeons and boast the latest chips, every year we reinvest huge amounts of cash in the more hardware. We don't believe in cutting corners; everything must be of the best quality to ensure you enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

What makes us better?

Well firstly, we are not resellers, so our prices are generally better.

Having our own Gigabit gaming network means we are in control of our network, if you have a ping problem, our support team look after you, there are no 3rd parties involved at GamingDeluxe.


Using our own servers gives us a lot more control over the setup and allocation of resources and that.