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Dayz Epoch Server Hosting

Arma2 DayZ MOD Private hive Game servers - Order one of our quality high profile DayZ MOD private hive game servers today and our fully automated system will build your server and send you your DayZ MOD server details in only 20 minutes!

Our control panel allows you to start / Stop restart your server and edit configs files in a few clicks. You get full access to the hive database so you can customise load outs and change things to the way you wish. We Support many mods including the popular DayZ Epoch which is available in a 2 click install from our control panel. Also Panthera, Namalsk, Lingor Island custom maps are also supported and available in a few clicks

All of our DayZ private hive Mod server rentals are run on E3 and E5 Intel servers with turbo'd processors with 32 - 128 GB ram SSD or NvME drives on 1gb connections, making our DayZ servers some of the best in the World. All our servers are built to our exacting specifications, resulting in the best possible performance for the DayZ MOD.

All servers will be set up instantly, meaning you can start playing as soon as possible! You can pay for your servers using our clan pay option and all come with a free mumble server and 1gb of web hosting.

You’ll find our prices are some of the best available - that’s because we run our own servers rather than outsourcing them, so there’s no middleman. Not only does that mean our prices are generally lower, we’re also able to offer much better support in the unlikely event you’re unhappy. Out tech team is there to help with any issues, and aim to respond to queries within 10 minutes.

Dayz MOD Features

  • Dayz Vanilla one click install
  • AI and Mission Scripts (one click install)
  • Refuel, Repair and Rearm Scripts (one click install)
  • Trader Safe Zones (one click install)
  • Admin Scripts (one click install)
  • Custom Maps (one click install)
  • OverPoch (one click install) Contains our full Deluxe pack
  • Origins / Epoch (one click install) contains AI island repair refuel custom load out and much more.
  • Additional Military Bases for Cherno & Overpoch (one click install)

Our Deluxe pack, contains all following in a bundled (one click install) to remove the pain from you. Deploy Boke / Self Bloodbag / Auto Refuel/Rearm/Repair / AI Missions / Supply Drops / Dance around the camp fire / Remove Clothes From Bodies / Trader Safezones / Epoch Admin Tools / Lift & Tow / Animated Helicrashes / Custom Starting Gear / Custom Loading Screen / Snap Build.

Dayz Standalone Server Hosting

Arma2 Dayz Epoch Mod Server Hosting



Dayz Epoch Mod server hosting from only £10.00




Your service will be delivered instantly using out automated setup.  If you decide for some reason that you are not happy we will give you a 24 hour cooling off period in which you can request a refund.

First Class Support

14 Years Experience

Instant Setup

All Maps Supported

DDOS Protected

24 Hour Refund

Worldwide Locations

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Buffalo, New York 

Los Angeles, California

Dallas, Texas

London, England

Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Frankfurt, Germany


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