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Have you heard of a sandbox 2D game with a game setting that revolves around voyage, combat, and building? Its name is Terraria, and it has a tile-based 2D sprite graphical style that reminds one of the 16-bit sprites of the Super NES. The game is acknowledged for its classical adventure style of exploratory gameplay. It's similar to titles like Minecraft and Metroid series.

The game begins in a routinely generated world. The player commences with three primary tools: a mining pickaxe, a woodcutting axe, and a short combat sword. Most resources especially the ores can be found while exploring underground caves or mining. The player begins with a restricted amount of magic and health points, which are increased by finding certain items while exploring. Other resources can only be found in specific areas of the map as they're stored in ordinary but rare containers or dropped off by some particular enemies. The player makes use of these resources to craft equipment and new items at a proper crafting station that's meant for the needed material (recipe). For instance, tables or other related items can be made at a workbench, while the bars can be smelted at a furnace. Lots of exceptional items in Terraria need multiple crafting activities in which a recipe's product is utilized as a constituent for another.

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