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Teamspeak 3 Servers Server Range

Included Features
1GB Webhosting
TCAdmin Access
Full FTP Access
Fast Downloads

Included Features
cPanel & WHM 11
Daily Backups
Server Redundancy
Super Fast Servers

Included Features
Unlimited Reboots
Windows or Linux
24/7 Remote Access
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Included Features
Ventrilo, Teamspeak 2,
Teamspeak 3, Mumble
WebAdmin Access
No Server Sharing

Game Servers

GamingDeluxe aim is to provide customers with a very affordable quality game servers. We dont just look for new customers but we make sure that our current customers are very happy with our services. We use multiple ways of support for you to contact us by. GD uses real Rack mounted servers instead of shuttle pcs so ensure there quality and stable operation of our services.

GamingDeluxe Game Server Network

The gamingDeluxe game server network has been designed for gaming, our backbone is 10 Gigabit and our Cisco routers can cope with huge volumes of traffic. Our upstream providers mixed into our BGP sessions are carefully chosen to ensure maximum peering with UK and European ADSL and Cable providers to give your game server the best ping and latency it can have for gaming.

Our network is fed from two separate data centres (Telehouse North and Safehosts). This makes our 10gb network fully multihomed, keeping your server online at all costs.

Do not confuse what we offer with smaller game providers, typically a smaller provider will have a single static feed which when it goes down so does your server. With GD you can have the confidence that our network has multiple redundant links to the internet to make sure your server is operational, has a low ping and excellent latency.

We believe in helping you after we sell you our Game Servers, not just to get your custom...