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For many, Minecraft is more than just a game - it’s a way of life. For the players who want to create anything and everything together with their friends in a private environment, Gaming Deluxe’s high quality Minecraft server hosting is the answer!

Our Minecraft servers are all based on high-end Dell servers, with advanced features including quad-core CPUs, hyper-threading, SSDs and 1GB connections, resulting in snappy performance for even the biggest projects.

Memory/Ram Monthly Quarterly Biannually Annually
512Mb £3.00 £8.10 £13.50 £32.40
768Mb £4.00 £10.80 £21.60 £43.20
1Gb £5.99 £15.98 £32.35 £64.70
1.5Gb £7.99 £21.58 £43.15 £86.30
2Gb £10.99 £29.68 £59.35 £118.70
2.5Gb £14.99 £40.48 £80.95 £161.90
3Gb £20.99 £56.68 £113.35 £226.70
4Gb £29.99 £80.98 £161.95 £323.90
8Gb £56.00 £151.20 £302.40 £604.80

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DDoS Protection

Fully DDoS Protected - Stay online when others don't want you to

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Minecraft Hosting by GamingDeluxe

All our servers offer full admin rights including FTP access, so you can set up your server in exactly the way you want or upload custom worlds. Not only that, but all of Gaming Deluxe’s Minecraft servers are offered with DDOS protection, a free Mumble server and instant set up, meaning you can get started right away!

Our Minecraft servers are based in the UK and other locations around the world, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy fast performance every time!

Get started with your dedicated Minecraft server right away by choosing the number of slots you need and your payment preferences. Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you right away!