Upgrading and Downgrading

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With some GamingDeluxe services, you can upgrade and downgrade certain options.

If you have any troubles or questions regarding your upgrade, please submit a ticket.

How to

Changing Options

Via your products page, or login to your billing area and click on My Services at the top.

Product page

Scroll right down to the bottom, and you should see an Upgrade/Downgrade Options button:

Upgrade/Downgrade Options

Once you have clicked this button, you will be presented with the available upgrade options, for example:

Once you have selected the options you want to upgrade, press the continue button.


If you have upgraded, a pro-rata fee will be calculated automatically to cover you until your next billing date, upon payment, your upgrade will be considered active, and your next billing cycle will have its price amended to reflect this.

Please note we do not refund for unused time/credit if you downgrade your service, only your new monthly price will be changed as of the next billing date. If your invoice has already been generated, please get in touch so we can amend your invoice.

What can be changed?

Some of the more common options to upgrade/downgrade include:


The slot count on a game server


The amount of RAM in your dedicated server
The amount of RAM assigned to your game server (such as Minecraft)


Change the location of your game server

Although there are other options available, depending on the service, if the option is not displayed, then it would count as a non-automatic upgrade.

Non-Automatic Upgrades

Some options require intervention from our side, this means options that cannot be completed automatically, or options that are not available via the system for some reason.

The location option is one such upgrade that is not automatic, we do this manually once an request is received, please contact us if you notice your request has not been completed within a reasonable time frame.

Game switching for some games as well is required to be done via ticket, for example, wishing to switch from DayZ Mod to A3 Epoch.

Dedicated Server Upgrades


Hardware changes in a machine cannot be automatic, once an order is received for an upgrade or downgrade, we will contact you to arrange a time to carry out the upgrade as it will likely require some downtime, we will check stock, if the stock is not available, we will inform you and make arrangements to get more.


Most software upgrades can be done with minimal disruption, for example, a TCA change can be done with the presses of a few buttons.


See: Colocation

If you wish to upgrade hardware in your colocated server, this is down to you to order/pay and send to us, we can arrange installation.

If you wish to upgrade software, you are responsible for acquiring and payment of the license, except in the case where the license is paid to us.

If you wish to upgrade other options, such as additional network links, more power, and so on, please upgrade as normal and we will arrange with you via ticket a suitable plan of action.

Other Options

Additional IPs

We will assign you and send you IPs you may use, you can then add the IP(s) to your server when it suits you, if you need them assigning to TCA as well, please contact us once you've added them.

Additional Power

Please order as normal and we will arrange the rest for you.

Network Options

All our servers are connected at 1gbps, additional bandwidth will be billed on overage charges based on 95th percentile, you will be contacted in this instance.

Common Problems

Slots change not completed

For some games, DayZ Mod and Arma 3 for example, the server configuration cannot be edited whilst the server is online and using it, this means a slot change may not be completed, however, the records are, what you can do in this case is stop your server, edit your configuration with your new slot count, then start your server back up. This does not affect our Arma 3 due to the way we handle configuration, it will still require a restart, however.

This issue can occur for some other settings as well, but slots is the main one.

Minecraft RAM

Please submit a ticket if your RAM is not registered at the new value, it goes through automatically, however, with some mods it may not register properly.

Other Problems

If you suffer any issues when performing an upgrade or downgrade, please submit a ticket as soon as you can and we can look in to it for you.