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Using a TS3 Admin Token

First Join/No Other Admins

When you get your admin token, and join your server, if the original token has not been used a message box will pop up asking you to enter an admin token.

First join message box

Copy and enter your admin token and press 'OK', this will then give you admin over your server.

Other Times

If you have created a new token for whatever reason, whilst logged in to your server, click the permissions menu at the top, at the bottom of this menu, you will see Use Privilege Key, click this and it will open a message box similar to first join, enter your admin token exactly as it appears, and press ok. The admin token will now grant you the permissions assigned to it.

Activating a privilege key

Creating a New Token

Integrated Services

If, for any reason, you are no longer an administrator on your server, you must create a new admin token. This can be done via the control panel.

First, login to the panel, click on Voice Servers and then you should see something similar to the following:

TS3 server home

Click on Teamspeak Browser, this will take you to a section where you can adminstrate your server

TS3 server browser

Along the left hand side, click on tokens, then at the top of the page, click new token

Create token

Select the type of token, and the group its for. If you want it for server admin, leave as shown above, you can enter a description if you want, but it is not required. Press save and this will generate an admin token for you, you can then use login to your TS3 server and use the token.

Getting a Token

Shared Services

If you are using a shared service, your admin token will be sent to you via email automatically when your server is set up.

Dedicated Services

If you are using a service installed on a dedicated server or a VPS, then the way you get your admin token is different.

Control Panel

If you have installed and/or use the service via the control panel then to get your admin token, login to your panel, click on Voice Services and then locate your service, you may have to click the tab at the top to switch from Teamspeak Services (integrated) to Voice Services (dedicated, including Mumble)

Click on your service, inside this you should see a Log Viewer, click this.

Log Viewer Icon

A page similar to this will then be displayed:

Log Viewer

You should see at least 2 log files, possibly 3, on the right hand side, click Stream File or Download on the log file ending with _1, your admin token will then be displayed.

From the Desktop

If you run your service from the desktop via RDP or VNC, either by installing yourself from the TS3 site, or via the panel and then running manually, then the way you get your admin token is different.

On your first start up, a popup will appear and give you all your information, copy this and save it somewhere safe.

First manual start of a TS3 server

If you miss this screen, or want to reset it completely, delete the ts3server.sqlitedb in the root folder of your TS3 installation.

You can also find the server admin token in the logs directory, it will be the earliest log ending in _1, open this file in any text editor and your token will be displayed to you.


If you retrieve your token from the log file, you will not be shown you your serverquery login, you can create a new one once logged in to your server, or you can use a command line to change it. This is covered here.