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Submitting a Ticket

If, for any reason, you need to get in touch with us, the best way is by submitting a ticket. There are 2 ways to do this, either via the billing area or via email.

Billing Area

Use this direct link: submit a ticket, select a department that best matches your query. Fill in all the details you can in the resulting form as best you can. Help us by being descriptive in your ticket, tell us the problem, when it started, how it started - anything that will help speed the process up, as this will result in a quicker resolution for you.

Alternatively, you can login to your billing area, on the right hand side you should see submit ticket, click this and follow the steps above.

Email Client

If you would prefer to, you can email us directly from your email client, enter a subject and a message, our system will automatically take care of the rest for you.

This will only work if your email is registered with an account in our system.

Ticket Reply

You can reply to any ticket via the billing area, or via your email client directly. If you use your email client, please make sure you leave the subject as is otherwise you may end up creating a new ticket.

Ticket Status

You can reply to any ticket you like that is attached to your account, this will reset the status to Customer Reply.

The main status' we use are as follows:

This is a freshly opened ticket, awaiting reply from us or the customer.
When a ticket is answered by us, this status changes to this.
Customer Reply
When you, the customer replies to any ticket, the status is set to this.
In Progress
If we are waiting on something for any reason, we'll use this status.
Awaiting Customer Reply
This we will use when we are awaiting reply from you.
On Hold
Similar to In Progress, we'll use this if we're waiting on a something that may take longer than we hope.
You can close tickets yourself when you consider them resolved, however, just because a ticket is listed as closed, it does not mean it is resolved, you can reply to it as normal and it will set the status back to Customer Reply. If you have a similar issue or problem, then you can re-use the same tickets as before, this helps us keep track of previous solutions and/or problems, as well as saving you the trouble of making a new ticket.


  • Please make sure the email you use is registered with us under your account, otherwise your ticket may be rejected by our system
  • Please make sure the account your are submitting the ticket on has the service in question tied to it, either via the main account, or as a sub-contact. Due to data protection and for security reasons, any account that does not have a service tied to it cannot be discussed or altered
  • Your email can only be registered in our system once, so if you have your own account, and someone wants to add you as a sub-contact, you must use another email address, or the main account holder of the service must ticket in and give us permission to discuss the service with you on your own account