Service Termination

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A service termination will occur when a service meets a condition is met.

Termination Conditions


See: Cancellations

Overdue Payment

Invoices are generated 5 days before the due date of your service. After the due date, you have a 2 day grace period, after this, your service will be suspended for 2 days, and then terminated if payment is still not received by then.

Terms Breach / Rule Breaking

If we find you have been in breach of any terms or rules of your service, we reserve the right to terminate without refund. Typically we will first issue a warning, between 1 and 3 depending at our discretion, this should allow time to resolve the issue so as to stop it reoccurring.


Please note these are just 2 examples where a termination may occur.

Currently this has rules about hosting, if we your service is reported, or we find it is in breach of the hosting rules, then we will issue a warning. After 3 warnings your server will be terminated without refund. Your service will be suspended until the warning is acknowledged.
Dedicated Servers
If you have a dedicated server with us, and you use it to send out spam mail, carry out denial of service attacks, host illegal content, then we will suspend your service immediately. If we find you have been doing it knowingly, we will terminate without refund. If you have been infected with malware or similar, then we can help you to remove this and get your server back within its normal operation.

Your Data

No data or backups for your game or voice servers is saved once it is deleted, cancelled, or terminated, web space and database backups are kept for a short time afterwards due to the backups being automated, but we make no guarantees the data will still be available.