Service Suspension

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Your server may appear as suspended, this will be for one of 2 reasons.

Unpaid/Overdue Invoice
If you do not pay your invoice on time, your service will be suspended, if payment arrives before the 2 day grace period after the due date has passed, your server will be automatically unsuspended and will resume as normal, if payment is not received, your server will be terminated - this means all the data for your server will be deleted and will not be recoverable. If you let us know beforehand that your payment may not be on time, we can help out if its not too long to extend by.
Rule Breaking
If you break any rule regarding the running or hosting of the server in question, we may be forced to suspend, if you break the rules too many times, we reserve the right to terminate without refund. The rules include things such as breaching our terms and conditions, or breaching any rules set by the developers of the software.