Server Status Unknown (TCA)

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Sometimes you may see your server listed as unknown in red text, this is normal under some circumstances, but can also indicate a problem.


If your server is a new order, then it could be installing, likewise, if you are reinstalling, this status will show up until completion if left alone and not interfered with. It will obviously take longer to complete where the files are larger or more numerous, typically it will never take more than an hour, if it does, send us a ticket and we can look in to it.
Control Panel Restart
Sometimes the panel needs a restart, send us a ticket and we can action this, once we are aware of the issue, it will typically take less than 2 minutes for it to be back online and working again.
Hardware Offline/Restarting
See Also: Server Offline
If the hardware your server is on is being restarted, then it should come back up within 5-10 minutes, if it is not up within this time, it could indicate a problem, please send us a ticket in this case and we can try and find the problem. Hardware that has more load, or is older, will take longer to restart.
No Network Connectivity
See Also: Server Offline
This is very rare, however, it can occur, again, please send us a ticket and we can look in to the issue for you