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The GamingDeluxe refund policy is dependant on circumstances, continue reading to find these out.

Typically, we will offer a 24 hour (from the time of order) no questions asked refund.

If your circumstances do not fit with any options below, please send us a ticket and we can discuss possible options with you.


If you have paid via PayPal, and a refund has been agreed to be sent back to you will receive the money back in your PayPal account.

If you have paid via bank transfer, any refunds will be added to your credit balance.

Full Refund

A full refund, normally only given in the 24 hour period from first ordering your service. Full refunds will be paid in accordance with the above.

Partial Refund

A refund agreed whereby time and/or resources have been used. Partial refunds are added to your credit balance in most cases.

Time Credits

This is another option whereby you are wanting to keep your server, or a fault has occurred on our side, such as delayed set up, hardware issues and so on. In this case we may extend your contract date by a few days.

For example, if your server had not created via our automated system within a reasonable amount of time, we may then compensate for paid lost time.

Circumstances Available

New Orders

In most cases, within 24 hours (from the order time) we will offer a no questions asked refund.

If there is nothing technically wrong with your server, and you want a refund outside this period, we may offer a pro-rata refund, minus admin fees and/or time used (whichever is greater), to your credit balance or PayPal. The fees are to cover resource usage for the time used.

Technical Issues

If there is a technical issue with your service that is our fault, we will first try to fix it, if we cannot fix it, we may offer a refund, how much is offered, and how it is offered, is dependant on factors such as (but not limited to):

Time used/remaining
If your server has been online and using resources, including staff time (admin fees)
Rejected resolutions
If we have offered a resolution that you have opted not to take, this could impact outcome


If you are upgrading a service, or swapping your service, we may offer you a pro-rata refund to your credit balance to use towards the new service, this amount you get will be the service price, minus time used and admin fees.

In some cases, if you are downgrading and you have a dedicated server, we may offer credit or time towards your new hardware. Downgrades on things such as game server or voice server slots are not refunded.


See: Overpayments
See: Over-Running Subscriptions

If you make an overpayment, that payment will be added to your credit balance. This money won't expire, it will be there and ready for whenever you need it. If you do overpay and it goes in to your balance, normally we'd recommend that you leave it in there, as it will just apply to your next invoice, we may refund this to you if you are within the PayPal refund window (180 days) and you still have an active service, this is at our discretion and admin fees may apply.


Custom Modifications/Configurations

See: Custom Modifications

If you want to make any custom modifications to your service, then this is your own responsibility, we do not support custom modifications, refunds will not be given because mods we do not offer or support do not work.

No Longer Wanted

If you simply do not want your service any more, and there is nothing technically wrong with it, then a refund will generally not be given.


If your service has a slot count, and you want to reduce the slots, we typically will not refund for the reduction, your next invoice will reflect a new price, however.


See: Cancellations

If you cancel your service, we will not refund if there is no technical fault with the service, if there is a technical fault, please contact us and we can look in to a resolution.


These are just guidelines, every situation is different, refunds are largely at our discretion, but please submit a ticket with any questions, concerns, or enquiries you might have.