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When you order a new service, or the time comes to renew a service, an invoice will be generated.


Paying an Invoice

When you receive an invoice notification via email, login to your billing area, or go direct to your invoices.

If you in your client area, scroll down a bit and you should see a Due Invoices section, this will list any due invoices, you can select all and pay them all at once, or pay them individually, you can also download it to save somewhere if you wish.

Due invoices

If you came in via the invoices page, this will list all current and previous invoices, clicking on view invoice will take you to the invoice itself.

My invoices

An invoice will show you what you are paying for, how much you are paying, how long the period lasts, amongst other info.

In the top right of the invoice, you should see a dropdown menu, from here you can select your payment method, if you select PayPal, click the button beneath and you will be taken there to complete payment, if you select bank transfer, you will be given our bank account details, it is then down to you to create a payment with your bank to send to us. Please ensure you include the Reference Number in your payment.


New Invoices

When you place a new order, and invoice is generated immediately, your service will not be set up until payment is confirmed. Typically we'll give you a few hours to complete, after which we'll cancel the order, and you will need to reorder if you decide you do wish to complete.


When your service is due for renewal, we'll create an invoice 5 days before your due date, an email will be sent to your informing you of this, and we'll send reminders. You get the 5 days before the due date, and a 2 day grace period afterwards, after which your service will be suspended, you'll then have a further 2 days to pay before your service is terminated.

Extra Time

Grace Period

You have a 2 day grace period after your due date before which your service will be suspended, you then have a further 2 days where your service will be suspended, and after this it will be terminated.


If you cannot make payment on time for your renewal, let us know, and we can help. If its just a few days (say if you are on holiday), we can extend the date a little, if you need longer, then we will come to an arrangement about a good faith payment, for example, if you needed a 10 day extension, we might arrange 30% of your bill.

Extensions are done entirely at our discretion.

Payment Methods


The simplest and easiest way to pay, from PayPal you can use most major credit/debit cards and bank transfers too.

Bank Transfer

These take a little longer, and need to be confirmed manually by us. A transfer from a UK bank account is normally complete within 2 hours, an international transfer can take up to 5 days.

Credit Balance

Credit is an account balance that is automatically applied to new invoices.

Credit in your balance does not expire, and will remain there until you need it in future.

Credit is added in one of 4 ways:

Clan Pay

See: Clan Pay

Add Funds

In your billing area on the right hand side is an option to add funds, this will allow you to create and pay an invoice which will add the money to your account balance.

Add Funds

You can add from 2.50GBP up to 600GBP to your balance in one go, using any of our payment methods.

If you create an invoice and don't pay it, this will have no effect on your service(s), it will just appear that you have a due invoice, submit a ticket if you would like us to cancel it off for you.


If you overpay an invoice, any overpayment is applied to your account credit balance. Typically this occurs when you have a PayPal subscription set up, and you pay manually as well. Read PayPal subscriptions for more information.


We may credit or refund to your credit balance, this is highly dependant on circumstances. Once such circumstance is when we are outside the PayPal refund window (60 days), but it is not limited to this scenario alone. We will discuss with you options should a refund/credit be required.

PayPal Subscriptions

See: PayPal Subscriptions


We offer several payment periods, these are not available for all services, but are for most.

Pay per month
Pay per quarter - 3 months
Semi Annually 
Per per half year - 6 months
Pay per year - 12 months

On some services we offer a discount for paying for longer periods, this will become apparent on the order page.

No discount
10% discount
Semi Annually 
15% discount
20% discount

These do no apply to all services


Tax is applied to all our services at the relevant rate where applicable.

If you do not pay tax, please get in touch with us (ex. Channel Islands does not pay VAT).

Currency Exchange Rates

GamingDeluxe operate in GBP (Pound sterling). All payments are calculated based on this base price, and thus are likely to change based on currency exchange rates.