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When you have chosen GamingDeluxe as your provider for your service, you will need to order.

Ordering is a very simple process, that allows you to configure and pay, before your service is automatically set up, or where some manual input is required, we will intervene and do so.


Find the product or service you wish on our website, you should notice a buy button, click this, this will add the product to your cart, you can add multiple products at once if you wish.

On the cart page, you will be able to configure the options for the product, such as hostname for a game server, and slot count, or domain name options.

Most commonly, the options are:

This is the name of your server (Game or Voice, this is what will be display in various server browsers where supported.
RCon Password
This is the password used for remotely administrating your server, this is only available on game servers typically
Private Password
This is the private password used for joining your server
Web Space
When ordering web space, you will be asked for a domain name, you can either:
  • Register a new domain via us
  • Transfer the domain to us
  • Update your name servers with your existing registrar to point to ours

When you have configured your order as you wish, you will be taken to a page that asks you to register or login, if you are an existing customer, select login, otherwise, register with us.

Complete the other fields as required, and submit your order, you will then be required to pay. If payment is not received within a reasonable amount of time, your order is cancelled and if you want the service still, you must begin again.


Many of our products will automatically set up once payment has been confirmed, in most cases, the setup will be less than 20 minutes, for other items it can be longer.

Non Automatic Setups

Extended Setups

  • Dedicated Servers - These are normally set up within 24 hours, though it can take longer in some circumstances (lack of stock, for example)
  • VPS - Normally within 24 hours
  • DayZ Mod - Large file size
  • Games with large file size
  • Games with large amount of files that are not compressed (zipped) up