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If you have a dedicated server or VPS, you may want or need a reinstall of the operating system.

In some cases, we may charge a fee for this, typically the charge is 20 GBP (~30 USD).

What we charge

The cases below are examples, if you require a reinstall, we will discuss if we will charge you beforehand, each reinstall is handled on a case by case basis.

When we do charge

We will charge when:

  • You have requested a reinstall
  • You have requested several reinstalls in a short period
  • When you want to change operating system

We we might not charge

We may waiver the charge (at our discretion) if:

  • Its a new order, the install is included
  • You are infected with Malware or similar
  • There has been a hardware failure and a component has been replaced
  • There has been a hardware upgrade

Getting a Reinstall

If you need a reinstall, send us a ticket, we will inform you if there will be a charge before doing anything, we will then arrange a time convenient to both you and us to carry out the reinstall.

If we discover you need a reinstall (without you requesting), we will still contact you first, and arrange a convenient time.

Reinstall Time

Once a reinstall is underway, the time it takes to complete the reinstall will depend on the operating system, whether its a dedicated server or VPS, and some network factors.

Typically a reinstall will be complete in anywhere from 20 minutes, up to 3 hours, if nothing goes wrong, we will keep you informed via the ticket as required.

Your Data

In most cases, we will not backup or save any of your data, this may be because its not possible, but also it may be to make sure you are not reinfected if you were infected with malware.

If you want to backup any of your data, you must arrange this yourself, you would be best to use FTP and download files you want to your home PC, you can then restore after completion.