Game Server Reinstall

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Reinstalling your server

If you need to reinstall your server, this can be done from your panel.

First, login to the control panel, click on your game servers, then click on your server

You should see something similar to this:

Server homepage

Click on the actions tab at the top, something similar should then appear:

Actions tab

You should now see a Reinstall button, press this

You will be sent an email upon reinstall completion


See: Backups

Nothing is saved between reinstalls.

All files, folders, configs, mods, everything is deleted. Backup anything you want to restore afterwards.


  • If you close or leave the install window, the install will carry on
  • Your server will show as unknown whilst the reinstall is being carried out
  • If you attempt to start, stop, or make changes to your server during the reinstall process, it will fail the reinstall