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Using FTP

To see a guide on how to use FTP, see Using FTP.


IP and Port

You can find your FTP IP and Port in your control panel on the game server page.

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FTP Info (red box)

Typically it will be your server IP with port 21, in some cases the port may be 8821, or 2121.

User and Pass

Your username and password for FTP for the control panel will be the same as your web login, use your panel credentials and you will be able to log in, if you have permission to.

Common Issues

Sometimes you may encounter errors or issues when connecting, uploading, or downloading.

Problems logging in

  • This can be down to having the wrong information added, double check your username, password, host and port.
  • You may not have permission to log in, if you are a sub user, you may need permission, if you are not then you may not be allowed access (Battlefield 3 is one such example).
  • The panel may need restarting, occasionally the monitor service may crash or deadlock, in which case, send us a ticket and we can arrange a fix.

Can't upload file type

Some files are blocked for security reasons, files such as dll, so, exe, and bat, will be blocked by the panel, we do allow some of them in some cases.

Some of the files you upload won't actually be needed, for example, uploading a .so file to a Windows server is not required, it will come up as blocked, but the file will not be used anyway, .so are for Linux only, likewise typically .dlls will only be needed for Windows.

Can't see all files/folders

Some files and folders are hidden by default, some are hidden by us, either for security reasons, or for protection of the files/folders. One example of this is the main server executable (or bat file).

For some files and folders, you will not only not be able to see, but also download, overwrite, or delete. These are done on a game by game basis where we put these filters in ourself, by default the panel will do many of them for us.