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Colocation is a service we offer in our UK datacenter, it allows you to rent space in our racks for you to fill with your own hardware.

Please contact us if you'd like to colocate, or would like any further information.


  • Cheaper in the long term
  • More freedom and control over your hardware
  • Custom specifications


  • Higher initial investment, you have to buy and send the hardware
  • You are responsible for the hardware, if it fails, you have to provide replacements, with possible costs for installing
  • You are responsible for delivery and collection of the hardware
  • The service is unmanaged


If you are an experienced administrator of servers, you will have no troubles at all, we will provide assistance where required (such as KVMs). If you are new to hosting, or unsure, it would be best to get a dedicated server, you can always switch to colocation at a later date.