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We offer a convenient solution for clans wishing to help with running costs. We call this clan pay.

Using Clan Pay

Giving out your link

Go to your clan pay page or login to your billing area, the the menu along the top, on the far right, you should see Clan Pay Link - click on it.


You will see your clan pay link now, make this link available to your users, when they click on it they'll be able to use the link

Using the link

When you visit your hash link, you will see the following page (with your own hash instead)


Enter an amount you wish to send, and click on the checkout. This will then allow you to make the payment via PayPal. The credit will then show up in your owners account.

Important Information

  • Your users cannot see your payment history, only the account owner can see this
  • Any payment made via clan pay is non-refundable
  • Any payment made via clan pay does not guarantee any privileges in return, any agreements made between the payer and payee will not be enforced by GamingDeluxe

Missing Payments

Occasionally, PayPal may take and send payment, but not apply the credit to the owners account, this is normally due to an invalid IPN (the payment notifier) being sent. The payment is still logged, if you find that payments have not gone in, the account owner can submit a ticket and we can find and apply the payment.

In the ticket, please include:

  • The payer's email
  • The payment date
  • The payment amount
  • The transaction ID