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It is always a good idea to make backups of anything you have on your service, GamingDeluxe do take backups of certain things, but these should not be relied upon in the event they are needed.

What we do backup

We don't guarantee any backups, primarily they are there in case of a failure of sorts, such as hardware failure, so that we can get our systems back up and running as quickly as possible.

User Databases

These are the databases that come with your Game Server, we back these up every 12 hours, and keep a few days worth, between 14 and 30 typically. You can request a copy of these but we can't guarantee them in anyway.

Web Servers

Our in-house webserver is backed up daily, with weekly and monthly copies saved, only the most recent of each type is kept.

Our external webserver backup is handled by our external hosts, this includes the forums and this wiki.


Our TS3 servers are backed up daily and kept for 3 weeks, individual servers cannot be restored from these, only the entire master servers.

TCA Control Panel

Our TCA is backed up every hour, kept for 30 days.

What we don't backup

Anything not listed above is not backed up automatically by us, this includes (but is not limited to):


You should always maintain your own backups, this way you always have a copy of any files, folders, and settings you need in the event they are required.

You should always try and store your backups in a different location, a secondary drive should be the absolute minimum.

RAID should never be considered as a backup solution, neither should solid state drives.