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Admin (Administration) fees are something you may notice we mention in our various communication channels, they are charges we apply to cover our own costs.

Fees are calculated on a case by case basis and will be discussed with you beforehand so you are aware, the fees are to cover staff time used, as well as any resource usage, which may need covering.

Admin fees are never applied to your account automatically.

What is an admin fee?

If you want a service that is cheaper, you may not receive the full difference as a refund, we may charge a small amount for the time it takes us to make the required changes to your service, as well as any extra costs that may be involved, such as bandwidth.
Extra Support
We may sometimes help with unmanaged services (such as dedicated servers), in these cases we may charge an appropriate amount to cover the time/resources required.
OS Reinstalls
See: OS Reinstall
We may charge for a reinstall of your operating system, we don't always, but it is dependant on circumstances, you will be informed if a fee is due.
There are other cases where we may apply an admin fee, we may also decide to waiver them, but both are entirely at our discretion, you will always be told beforehand, we'll not surprise you with it.

What is not an admin fee?

General running costs
The running costs are the price you pay each month, if required, we will calculate a price for the used time based on the price you are paying, then add an admin fee on top.
Licensing Costs
If we have a license fee to cover from a 3rd party (such as TS3), this you will have to pay, this is not an admin fee.