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Pricing and Plans

Features Bronze
£20.00 /month
£30.00 /month
£40.00 /month
CPU Intel Dual Xeon or Quad Intel Dual Xeon or Quad Intel Dual Xeon or Quad
Clock Speed 2.9Ghz 2.9Ghz 2.9Ghz
Memory 128MB 256MB 512MB
Bandwidth 10GB 15GB 20GB
Operating System Linux or Windows Linux or Windows Linux or Windows
Low Latency Network
Full Admin Rights
Dedicated IP
99.9% SLA Uptime
100mbps Connection
£20.00 /month Buy Now £30.00 /month Buy Now £40.00 /month Buy Now

Optional Extras

Additional IP Address

£1/month per IP

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Our gaming VPS servers are perfect for hosting your own private game server, without any need for remote protection services or proxies, which may cause lag or disconnections for your users.

Available in both Windows and Linux, Dual or Quad Core processors, and a range of other options, we’ve got an affordable gaming VPS that’s right for you!

A virtual private server is one of several isolated VPS systems which are installed on a single physical server. Users share system resources such as CPU and memory.

Unlike shared hosting, the file system is fully partitioned so that they are not affected by other activities. This means that you can changed anything on your new VPS system without affecting any other systems.

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