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GamingDeluxe Teamspeak 3 servers are for gamers playing all manor of games including world of warcraft, call of duty and many more games

Slots Monthly Quarterly Biannually Annually
10 £2.30p £6.90p £13.80p £27.60p
20 £4.60p £13.80p £27.60p £55.20p
30 £6.90p £20.70p £41.40p £82.80p
40 £9.20p £27.60p £55.20p £110.40p
50 £11.50p £34.50p £69.00p £138.00p
60 £13.80p £41.40p £82.80p £165.60p
70 £16.10p £48.30p £96.60p £193.20p
80 £18.40p £55.20p £110.40p £220.80p
90 £20.70p £62.10p £124.20p £248.40p
100 £23.00p £69.00p £138.00p £276.00p

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Server Features

Web Control Panel

Access anywhere, any time

No Server Sharing

Your own dedicated voice server


UK, Germany, USA NY, USA Dallas, USA Chicago, USA LA, USA Miami, Australia

Low Latency Network

Crystal clear sound when you need it

DDoS Protection

Fully DDoS Protected - Stay online when others don't want you to

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Teamspeak 3 Servers more information

Teamspeak 3 server hosting from GamingDeluxe, we are an official ATHP Teampseak host, and have multiple worldwide locations including UK, Germany, USA and Australia. We provide Teamspeak 3 servers only to give your team the crystal clear communication they deserve.

The voice servers are located on a dedicated voice server and on a lowest possible latency network to give you the best possible quality service. All our teamspeak servers are DDOS protected allowing you still to communicate with your clan even if you are under attack. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get talking with your clan.


If you need a larger server, please get in touch with us.