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GamingDeluxe Control Panel

The control panel we use for our game and voice servers is called TCAdmin (TCA for short)

The panel gives us a lot of control over servers, as well as integrating with services such as TS3


Unknown Status

See Server Status Unknown (TCA) for more information

The panel is technically still in beta, it has many features, but it can sometimes have limitations and problems. One such problem can come when the panel requires a restart, on each piece of hardware 2 services run, one is the Service Manager which manages the service itself, starting, stopping, start/stop scripts, the other service is the Monitor, this is what monitors the server and hardware to ensure it stays online, and reports statistics, it also handles the installation, deletion, FTP, and non service manager scripts.

If your server is fully installed, and appears as [Server Status Unknown (TCA)|unknown]], this can indicate the panel requires a restart, please submit a ticket, we can deal with this very quickly, and is nothing to be worried about.

Config Editor

The config editor in TCA is a very useful tool, using it, we can limit access and provide templates for the config files, although setting it up for large config files can be very labour intensive. Where possible, we'll provide both options, but if the server is restricted for any reason, such as DayZ SA, we will block text editor access, and force config editor usage.

When we can use both the text and config editor, the panel can attempt to read the values set in the file based on the template we give, however, if your text editor doesn't match our template, it may not be able to read values, meaning that resaving via the config editor will overwrite with our template and the values set.

If the config editor is blank, resaving will reset the template back to the default with the variables provided, if these are unchanged, then the default values will be used.

The config editor cannot read 'repeat sections', these are sections such as the MOTD in Arma 3 where you can add, delete, and move items orders.


These are the values and options (such as hostname) that can be set for the game servers, these can be saved between reinstalls if we set them this way, this means that the default values are not restored upon reinstall. We try to avoid this for some values, but enforce it for others.