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Dedicated servers are great for clans and communities, they offer much more control for the owner compared to shared hosting.

Operating Systems

See Also: Operating Systems

At GamingDeluxe, we offer a full range of Operating Systems, currently on offer are:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit only)
  • Ubuntu - Any available download
  • CentOS - Any available download
  • Debian - Any available download

Please contact us should you require an OS that is not listed.


When your dedicated server has been installed, you can then connect to it remotely, via RDP (Windows) or SSH (Linux), as long as you have not waived your access in accordance with the limitations.

We can also provide a control panel for you to help administrate game and voice servers.

You can also install your own control panels if you prefer, but you are responsible for the upkeep, installing, and payment of any license fees. We will not support your custom panel for you, you will need to go to the respective developer for support instead.

Upgrade Options

Upgrades can be ordered at any time, to discuss options, please submit a ticket, we can outline any limits, discuss possibilities and pricing.

Control Panel

See: Control Panel

The control panel is an optional extra on your server that allows you to manage your services as you would a shared hosting.

Some services require at least the free version installed.

Full Version
The control panel upgrade option is an upgrade to your machine that allows you more control over your server, you can install unrestricted (See limitations) services as you wish.
Free Version
The main difference between the free and full version is that on the free version we install services for you, you do lose some control, but you do still get the power of the panel to help manage and maintain your services.


If your server supports it, we do offer RAM and HDD upgrades, the limits normally come from how much the motherboard and processor support, space inside the server chassis, SATA ports - the normal factors that would effect a home PC.


Please contact us to discuss RAID options.

Additional IPs

We do offer additional IP addresses if there is a valid reason for you to have them, due to IPv4 space running out, justification is required.


We will provide a KVM when requested, a KVM can be attached within minutes. For permanent KVMs or DRAC, please send us a ticket to discuss options. Typically there will be either a one off charge, or a monthly recurring charge.

Graphics Cards

Some game servers may require a graphics card is installed, these are not possible to install on all machines, it is best to contact us to discuss the options.

Special Offers

Occasionally we may run special offers on dedicated servers, this can range from discounts to free upgrades. This will normally be posted here.

We may quote special prices as well on a per customer basis, these offers are entirely at our discretion, please ticket in to see if we are currently offering anything.

Pros and Cons


  • Its your hardware, you share it with nobody else, you get full usage and access to all the machines resources
  • You control what goes on there, and how much
  • The are cheaper compared to renting the services individually
  • They offer great expansion possibilities for new clans
  • You can run extra things on there, such as a website, fast downloads, a 512 slot TS3 with an NPL license
  • At least one dedicated IP for you alone


  • For users wanting to just run a small amount of services, they will work out more expensive
  • Some services cannot be run on a dedicated server, or they are able to but you cannot RDP


Some services cannot be run on a dedicated server when you have RDP access, services such as Battlefield 3 fall in to this category. You will lose RDP access.

Some services cannot be installed by you yourself if you have the control panel upgrade option.

Some services incur additional license costs, Battlefield 3 is one such service.