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Insurgency Sandstorm released September 18th, 2018 is a multiplayer, tactical first-person shooter game, in which you need to secure stronghold and destroy enemy supplies. Insurgency has 12 multiplayer maps which take place in 6 different environments, some of which include: Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. Insurgency had over 20 different weapons which you can choose from, which focus on realistic weapon behavior as they have a free-aim system and suppression effects. Insurgency also has a squad-based communication system - 3D VOIP which allows allies and enemies within proximity to hear you.

Insurgency Sandstorm has 6 different multiplayer game modes: Skirmish - Each team has a cache to protect until it has been destroyed teams gain extra reinforcement and when it has been destroyed it becomes a Firefight match. VIP - One teams must escort a VIP player to the extraction point and with only 1 life per round teams must be careful. Strike - There are 3 weapon caches that have to be discovered and destroyed. Search & Destroy - 2 supply caches are hidden in 3 possible locations which attackers must destroy or kill all of the enemies to win. Firefight - There are 3 territorial objectives, secure them all or eliminate all of the enemies to win. Push - 3 objectives must be captured in a specific order, defenders have a limited amount of reinforcements which must be used wisely.

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20 £9.00p £24.30p £45.90p £86.40p
22 £9.90p £26.73p £50.49p £95.04p
24 £10.80p £29.16p £55.08p £103.68p
26 £11.70p £31.59p £59.67p £112.32p
28 £12.60p £34.02p £64.26p £120.96p
30 £13.50p £36.45p £68.85p £129.60p
32 £14.40p £38.88p £73.44p £138.24p

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