Counter Strike: Global Offensive Dedicated Servers

Gaming Deluxe is the number one place to buy Counter Strike: Global Offensive servers, thanks to our commitment to only using high quality Dell servers, featuring quad core CPUs, hyper-threading, SSDs, 1GB connections and other high-performance equipment.

Our fast 15 minute set-up process makes it quick and easy to get started with your own dedicated CS GO server. As soon as you order your CS GO hosting, we’ll rapidly set-up and deploy your server, plus a free 10 slot Mumble server and additional optional 1GB web hosting.

Your server will also be given robust DDOS protection for secure, distraction free gaming.

Slots Monthly Quarterly Biannually Annually
10 £4.50p £12.15p £22.95p £43.20p
12 £5.40p £14.58p £27.54p £51.84p
14 £6.30p £17.01p £32.13p £60.48p
16 £7.20p £19.44p £36.72p £69.12p
18 £8.10p £21.87p £41.31p £77.76p
20 £9.00p £24.30p £45.90p £86.40p
22 £9.90p £26.73p £50.49p £95.04p
24 £10.80p £29.16p £55.08p £103.68p
26 £11.70p £31.59p £59.67p £112.32p
28 £12.60p £34.02p £64.26p £120.96p
30 £13.50p £36.45p £68.85p £129.60p
32 £14.40p £38.88p £73.44p £138.24p
34 £15.30p £41.31p £78.03p £146.88p
36 £16.20p £43.74p £82.62p £155.52p
38 £17.10p £46.17p £87.21p £164.16p
40 £18.00p £48.60p £91.80p £172.80p
42 £18.90p £51.03p £96.39p £181.44p
44 £19.80p £53.46p £100.98p £190.08p
46 £20.70p £55.89p £105.57p £198.72p
48 £21.60p £58.32p £110.16p £207.36p
50 £22.50p £60.75p £114.75p £216.00p
52 £23.40p £63.18p £119.34p £224.64p
54 £24.30p £65.61p £123.93p £233.28p
56 £25.20p £68.04p £128.52p £241.92p
58 £26.10p £70.47p £133.11p £250.56p
60 £27.00p £72.90p £137.70p £259.20p
62 £27.90p £75.33p £142.29p £267.84p
64 £28.80p £77.76p £146.88p £276.48p

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Free Mumble

A 10 slot mumble server on us, just ask!

Free Fast Map Server

Access to our Fast Map Redirection Service

Free Debranding

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Free 1GB Webhosting

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DDoS Protection

Fully DDoS Protected - Stay online when others don't want you to

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CSGO Servers hosting

With CS GO dedicated servers based in the UK and around the world, you can benefit from blazing fast performance and connection speeds no matter where you are.

Get started with your dedicated Counter Strike: Global Offensive server right away by choosing the number of slots you need and your payment preferences. Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you right away!