Crysis 3 Server Hosting

Cheap Crysis 3 Server Hosting with fast quad core processors, 1Gb connections and more. Crysis 3 hosting at low prices & fast 15 min setup

Slots Monthly Quarterly Biannually Annually
8 £4.32p £11.66p £22.03p £41.47p
10 £5.40p £14.58p £27.54p £51.84p
12 £6.48p £17.50p £33.05p £62.21p
14 £7.56p £20.41p £38.56p £72.58p
16 £8.64p £23.33p £44.06p £82.94p

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Free Mumble

A 10 slot mumble server on us, just ask!

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DDoS Protection

Fully DDoS Protected - Stay online when others don't want you to

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Crysis 3 server hosting

The hunted becomes the hunter in the CryEngine-powered open-world shooter Crysis 3! Order your own private Crysis 3 server hosting, and our automated system will set it up automatically and send you your login details in just 15 minutes!

Your Crysis 3 server comes with with full FTP access and it’s own dedicated control panel, giving you full control over the server’s settings. Set it up how you like!

Experience quality online gameplay, even when the action is at it’s most intense, thanks to our use of only the best Dell servers with powerful quad core processors, SSD drives and fast, 1Gb connections. With servers based in the UK and around the world, you’ll experience low-latency gaming no matter where you are!

All our servers get a FREE Mumble server, with 10 slots for you to talk to your team, plus optional 1GB of web hosting. On top of that, you can even split the cost between your clan with our convenient Clan Pay option.

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