ArmA 3

ArmA 3 game servers. ArmA 3 Exile mod, wasteland Altis Life server hosting. get your server up and running in 5 minutes - click here to order now!

Slots Monthly Quarterly Biannually Annually
30 £15.00p £40.50p £76.50p £144.00p
40 £20.00p £54.00p £102.00p £192.00p
50 £25.00p £67.50p £127.50p £240.00p
60 £30.00p £81.00p £153.00p £288.00p
70 £35.00p £94.50p £178.50p £336.00p
80 £40.00p £108.00p £204.00p £384.00p
90 £45.00p £121.50p £229.50p £432.00p
100 £50.00p £135.00p £255.00p £480.00p

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Server Features

Workshop Installer

Install mods directly from the Steam Workshop


UK, Germany, USA NY, USA Dallas, USA Chicago, USA LA, USA Miami, Australia

Instant Setup

No waiting about!

Free One Click Installs

Wasteland, Altis Life & Exile MODS

Free Mumble

A 10 slot mumble server on us, just ask!

Free Debranding

Save yourself £3!

Free 1GB Webhosting

Just ask!

DDoS Protection

Fully DDoS Protected - Stay online when others don't want you to

32/64 Bit Server

Switch between 32/64 bit version with the press of a button

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Arma 3 Game Servers

ArmA 3 game servers from GamingDeluxe our fully automated system will set up your server, sending you your server details in just 5 minutes!

Our ArmA 3 game server hosting and rental options support ArmA mods including Exile MOD, Altis Life, Epoch Mod, and Wasteland, allowing you to play the game however you want! Our powerful server control panel software makes it possible to start, stop or reset your server and edit config files in a matter of minutes. You’ll also get full FTP access, allowing you to customise missions and set up your ArmA 3 server in any way you like.

We also offer one click installs for Altis life, Wasteland and the all new Exile mod, making it quick and easy to play one of these exciting new game modes.

All of our ArmA 3 server rentals are run on Dell Servers E3 / E5 processors 1gb connections, making our ArmA 3 servers some of the best in the world. All servers will be set up instantly by our automated system. You can even pay for your servers using our clan pay option, making it easy to spread the cost of your server with your clan members simply by adding a link to your website!

All our ArmA 3 server options come with a free mumble server and 1gb of web hosting.

Extra Features

  • 64 bit version with the click of a button
  • Steam Workshop Installer - install any mod from the Steam Workshop straight to your server
  • Exile Mod (one click install)
  • Altis Life (one click install)
  • Wasteland (one click install)
  • Epoch Mod (one click install)
  • Start / Stop / Restart the Server
  • Full FTP Access
  • Scheduled restarts
  • BEC (one click install)