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  • Rust Oxide 2 support

    You can find an installer in your mods section - this will install the latest version of Rust oxide 2 for your Rust development server. Whenever a steam update arrives, simply uninstall and re-install from the mods section to get the latest version "as soon as theyve applied the fixes wich can take a few hours"

    Plugin support: simply register and download the plugins, and upload them to your servers oxide directory wich will have been created if your mod install was succesfull to the following directory using your filemanager or ftp account "server\GamingDeluxe\oxide\plugins\"

    any configuration files will be auto generated in the following directory: server\GamingDeluxe\oxide\config\

    *Every Rust Update via the steam update tool will require you update your Oxide 2 mod, reinstalling from the mod section will not effect your plugins*
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