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  • a little help please

    hi new to all this server stuff, i am fine with everything apart from the AI is a little easy .. how can i beef them up .. turn up the intel of the ai .. i have dayz epoch and delux pack v4 installed thats all ,, thanks for reading

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    its ok i sorted it myself .. installed wicked AI 2.2 works great


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      ive installed the Delux Pack V4 with Admin tools, i like to also know how to make more AI on my server, ie, to add more. I dont know coding ,as my coder left,so im alone and need help how to do this. i want the Roaming AI to be more ,lets say there 10 sets of AI roaming my server how do i make it goto 20 roaming AI groups. Where do i need to edit the script in my config files. Any help please.