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  • Server unstable

    Before investigating any further, has anyone noticed a sudden increase in server instability in the last week e.g. becoming unresponsive, unavailable or auto rebooting regularly?

    I have been running ArmA2 on a dedicated server for the best part of a year very successfully and we've rarely needed to restart the VM itself (and usually only when a Windoze update requires it). It's now restarted 4 times in the last week, 3 of which required a ticket to GD to resolve (I have no remote hard reset capability, despite what the forum announcement suggests).

    Initially I suspected this was due to a new mod we were trying, but since removing that the problem persists. We also noticed a significantly worse than normal performance when playing last night, indicated by a higher than expected amount of lag/desynch. This may be due to the Virgin Media peering issue, although most of us do not use Virgin as our home BB provider.

    Anyone else getting this?