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How do I change the Mode on my Server?

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  • How do I change the Mode on my Server?

    I have an 8 slot l4d2 server and it's currently running campaign style modes but I want it to be either versus or survival. How do I change this?

    I have tried using rcon sv_gamemode versus but it tells me ;unable to connect to remote server (loopback).
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    you tried changing the server.cfg or changing the command line in tcadmin? If you've only tried one then try the other. If it won't work then you may need to talk to one of the staff, put in a support ticket or find them on irc/msn :)


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      Thanks for the speedy reply. Anyway, back on track. I am new at this whole thing so forgive me if I appear a little dumb.

      I believe the relavant lines in the server.cfg file are
      //--> Gametypes sets the gametypes you want your server to run
      //----> Versus Only: sv_gametypes "versus"
      //----> Survival Only: sv_gametypes "survival"
      //----> Coop Only: sv_gametypes "coop"
      //----> Both: sv_gametypes "versus,coop"
      sv_gametypes "survival"
      //--> mp_gamemode sets the gametypes that your server is allowed to run, IE Voting
      //----> Versus Only: mp_gamemode "versus"
      //----> Survival Only: mp_gamemode "survival"
      //----> Coop Only: mp_gamemode "coop"
      //----> Both: mp_gamemode "versus,coop"
      mp_gamemode "survival"
      Is that in order?


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        if you only want versus mode change both of those to versus. Or look in the tcadmin panel for command line changer click create custom command land and just select the gametype option ONLY (so no other settings change it will just draw the default settings for the other options) and set the game mode to versus then make sure this new command line is being used. This will tell the server to start up as versus mode.


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          I don't think I have said TCAdmin, i can find a command line changer in Gaming Service Main Menu but I don't understand a thing it's saying. So I'll just raise a ticket.


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            I think you mean this?


            This will help you to change the game modes for left 4 dead 2.

            Support Team


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              Ok so I'm following the tutorial thing and my command line is currently:
              -game left4dead2 -console -ip -port 27046  -maxplayers 8 -nohltv +map c5m1_waterfront +exec server.cfg +map c1m1_hotel +exec versus.cfg
              and I was a little confused by the contense of the versus.cfg thing so right now I have /left4dead2/cfg/versus.cfg and it contains
              map c1m1_hotel versus
              Yet it still doesn't work.


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                ohhhhh its l4d2 ill leave steve to fix that for you as ive never done l4d2 servers only normal l4d :D Good luck


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                  rcon map c1m1_hotel versus or cmdline +mp_gamemode "versus"

                  versus.cfg hasnt worked in over a year or two
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