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COD2 server & RCON..?

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  • COD2 server & RCON..?

    Hiya guys im new on here but not to gaming, been doing it since the days of the Amstrad cpc 464 (Yup im ancient) anyays ive had a break from gaming i was last on BF3/H1Z1 etc & i am now rolling back to COD2 as i think its possibly the best WW2 game ever made! anyways ive tried to pay via this site and at the bottom its asking me for Rcon UN & PASS, the last Rcon i used was HLSW and i dont think its used anymore is it? so how come i cant pay for a COD2 server until ive got a RCON account & anyone know which RCON is best to use on COD2 please?

    Many thanks


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    Hi keith

    these are generic web forms for all server orders, you dont need to provide any info at all, as it can all be accessed from our game panel after youve ordered anyway :)

    welcome to the forums

    regards RCON, i still use hlsw and it still works for all the older games
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