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MS Flight Simulator X and TeamViewer on a Dedicated...

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  • MS Flight Simulator X and TeamViewer on a Dedicated...

    We currently host an MS-FSX (MS Flight Simulator Extreme) session ourselves and are looking for a dedicated windows machine where it can be hosted with good bandwidth.

    We have the following needs:

    1. TeamViewer access to the system to allow many managers to monitor and manage users and settings.
    2. Decent graphics card capability to run FSX SP2 as it won't run at all without a reasonable graphics card. DX10 capable would normally be enough.
    3. Static IP.
    4. Session to remain active. If the session 'locks', the various components may not talk to each other. This is why we may need TeamViewer as the console may 'lock' the session on disconnect.
    5. Ability to untie various ports required for FSX Multiplayer.
    6. Possibility to setup our own TeamSpeak server (currently hosted in the US and is rubbish).

    So my question is, can all the above be achieved if we were to purchase the server shown at:

    We have the licences for all the software mentioned, it's just a case of whether it can be achieved?

    Thanks in advance.

    Tim Walters

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    HI algaeholics

    and thanks for your enquiry

    1) you get full RDP access so can run teamviewer yourself no problem
    2) I can see a spare box with a dx9/10 gfx 8400GS
    3) all our dedi run with dedicated IP's net facing
    4) again this will be a net facing IP and no filtering/firewalls other than the machine you are using
    5)you have full control over all the local port that are net facing on the dedi
    6)you can use the box for TS no problem at all

    weve phased out the c2d's, ive got a q6600 4gb ram 160gb hdd + 8400GS gfx card that you can use for 60 / month with no game panel

    create a billing account and open a support ticket regarding this quote


    Support Staff
    GamingDeluxe Ltd

    chat live via irc


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      Thankyou sir, I'll forward it to the boss.