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Another noob to dedicated servers.

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  • Another noob to dedicated servers.

    Hi all, been trying to get my head around running an Overpoch server for the first time.
    I have the server all set up and going with the OVerpoch mod, now i want to edit the ai patrol's is theare any way to do this?


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    I believe this may relate to Dayz? Have you checked out that area of the board for any hints, or alternatively the support boards of the developers might provide a guide.

    If you are still struggling, drop the guys a support ticket. They won't bite and may well point you in a quicker direction than this forum which isn't always quickly seen.

    I volunteer to help with this forum but don't work for Gaming Deluxe so I don't have access to support systems


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      Many thanks movedgoalposts,
      Have trawled the forum a little already, will have another gander through and if i dont find anything will raise a ticket.
      Sry for posting in the wrong section.

      And thanks for the help.


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        your ai's can be access through the epoch pbo files... download that and inside is a folder called WAI basically if u have the deluxe overpoch mod installed the ai are set up for cherno/electro and few heli patrols u can expand on that then if u want... make sure u download the epoch server pbo