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Dayz Epoch 1.5.1 help please

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  • Dayz Epoch 1.5.1 help please

    Hi I have recently submitted a ticket reguarding this question/s.I am new to Gaming Deluxe servers.
    Have recently started the server and am following this routine. If my setup is incorrect please let me know the proper steps. The issues I have gotten are as follows.
    1-Only one person can logon the server at a time,others are stuck at waiting for host.
    2- Mission file get stuck loading near 1/3 of total mission loading file.
    3- Server tells me you can not load this mission due to missing content when I/we use commander to load and keep our game files up to date.
    4- Server loads into game,however stops at a black screen with no map,no player list,and no continue button.

    Steps taken installing.

    1-Update Steam on server
    2-Install Beta on server side
    3- Install Dayz Epoch 1.5.1 Deluxe Pack
    4-Add SQL File to myphp admin to run hive update. (sometimes not showing in file manager)
    5-Enter admin details into config file.
    6-Launch Server and enjoy.

    If this is incorrect please correct my list or tell me what I am doing wrong.Any and all help by the community is appreciated.
    Thank you

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    use the support ticket system, duplicate post
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