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  • DayZ Server/ Issue

    Hey all,

    I haven't been able to find anything about this on the forums. I rented a server for DayZ Standalone day and I tried changing the name, but it doesn't seem to be workin. It kinda does because the new serve name shows up in DayZ when you search the IP (so does someone else's I'm presuming renting from the same company), but like on the " banner" option in CP it still shows it as the default name and I cannot 'Claim this server" or add clan info on because when I search the IP on gametracker it doesn't show a server with the name it said to change it to to be able to claim it, but does show 2 others.

    Anyone else have similar problems?

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    Hi m3d1c_89, and welcome to the forums

    The Game server port and "query" port are different, game tracker uses the query port as does the ingame server search, this will be listed in your welcome email

    if youre still having problems, open up a support ticket, might be that your server needs a firewall rule adding, the auto setup system scripts this but may have failed..

    also it may be that gametracker is caching the server name and hasnt updated itself in a while?
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      thanks i was also looking for the same.