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New Ark Server.......performance so far

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  • New Ark Server.......performance so far

    So this is our 3rd hosting company in 1 years, having decided to move due issues with either the lack of control or the poor performance.

    Anyone who plays Ark online will tell you rubber-banding is the biggest killjoy of the game. This is influenced by many factors, but due to the way Ark was implemented the server performance has a massive impact on the playability of the game.

    Although the instance is only a few days old, I am 100% impressed with everything so far:
    1. Server was up and running within a few mins
    2. Reboot times (after updating or changing config) are extremely fast the best I have seen.
    3. Control panel is uncluttered.
    4. The /slot is very competitive. I was worried that I was going get equal to, or less than I paid for its really refreshing to get good service for a reasonable price.

    Well done, keep up the good work!