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Intro from Rikk of the bandits!

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  • Intro from Rikk of the bandits!

    Morning All

    Since our dedicated server is currently on a lorry from killer creation to gaming deluxe I figured it's a good time to pop an into in

    I'm Richard, known in the battlefield games as Serious Rikk
    I'm also one of the top dogs at our little gaming community, RSoBB.
    Stands for Royal Society of Bum Bandits

    We're a friendly, not entirely serious bunch so if you want a laugh you are welcome to pop over to to say Hi to the Bandits!

    We also have a couple of war monkeys who love nothing more than to organise scrims with folk - so if you fancy a fight... (mutters something about needing a BSM rematch...again... those guys are good!)

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    Hey serious welcome on board mate.

    Web and server admin


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      And another familiar face :)


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        Originally posted by SeriousRikk View Post
        Stands for Royal Society of Bum Bandits
        Very good I have to say.

        Welcome to the forums mate :) I've not played BF much since getting it been a bit busy might jump onto one of your servers for a game at some point.