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    3rd battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit.

    Within 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming unit, 1 Platoon comprises 3 Sections. On the successful completion of your Combat Infantryman's Course, you will be given the choice of joining one of these three sections.

    1 Platoon consists of a group of specialised soldiers. Each member invests time in obtaining a set of Patrol Skills, A primary Patrol Skill & a Secondary Patrol Skill, which enables the section to operate efficiently in various theatres.

    Upon successful completion of your Combat Infantryman's Course and appointment within a Section. You will go through a 4 week Probationary period. This is to ensure that you are happy within the section and gel well with the other members. At the end of your Probationary Period, You will then be asked which Patrol Skill you wish to Specialise in. The Patrol Skills Cadre (PSC) is open to all members within 1 Platoon & is conducted on a modular basis.

    Patrol Skills within 1 Platoon.

    Barma/Vallon Man & Method of Entry. - As a Barma/Vallon man within 1 Section. It is your job to ensure that section is protected from Improvised Explosive Devices. from Hard Wire, to Remote Control Devices. You will do this by using a variety of tools & equipment at your disposal. You will be competent in the use of the Thor III Electronic Counter Measure Back Pack and Vallon high Sensitivity Metal Detector.
    Dual Role, You will also be called upon to provide Methods of Entry (MoE) into a variety of Structures, compounds and buildings using low yielding explosives.

    Designated Marksman & Combat Medical Technician Class 3 (CMT3). - As a Designated Marksman within 1 Section. You will be competent with engaging targets accurately out to 800m. You are a bridge between the Infantry Soldier and the Snipers within the Battalion. You will become familiar and well practised with the L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle, operating always within your section. Dual Role you will also be responsible for providing first aid for battlefield trauma.

    Forward Air Controller & Forward Observer.-As a Forward Air Controller within 1 Section. It is your responsibly to control Aircraft & Ordnance Release within your Area of Operations. You will be efficient at guiding aircraft from Holding Areas to Initial Points & onto Final Attack headings, maintaining full control & situational awareness throughout. Dual Role, as a Forward Observer, You will be tasked with calling in Artillery & mortar strikes from 155mm Howitzers & 81mm Mortars. You will be able to break away from your Section to operate as a member of a Fire Support Team or Tactical Air Control Party if needed.

    Combat Medical Technician Class 1 (CMT1) - As a Combat Medical Technician Class 1, You'll be responsible for the care & treatment of Battlefield Trauma. You will also learn how to use and administer clinical drugs, such as Morphine & Epinephrine in the field & the use of bandages, compresses & tourniquet's. You will Liaise with the AAC flight sections Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) to arrange Casualty Evacuation and Handover of care.

    Training Evenings.

    Training evenings within 1 section are conducted on a Tuesday evening at 19:30. 2 Section Training evenings take place on a Wednesday evening at 19:30. We cover skills learnt in the CIC and build upon them. Training within the section is based on a modular structure. If you can't attend a specific evening for other reasons, you will be able to catch up in your own time with one of the training corporals.

    2 Manoeuvre Support Platoon.

    Within 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit, 2 M/S Plt are responsible for supporting 1 Plt in operations. They Do this with;

    Army Air Corps Flight Section - Responsible for providing Close Air Support, Air Transport, Combat Service Supplies & Surveillance and Target Acquisition

    M/S1 & 2 - Manoeuvre Support 1 & 2 are responsible for providing Fire Support to troops on the ground. They are trained to use a variety of equipment, such as;

    -Jackal Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit (HMG/GMG)
    -GPMG Sustained fire role.

    IDF Det' - The Indirect Fire Det provides support to ground troops with 81mm mortars and 155m Howitzers.

    Mission Nights & Servers

    L1 Server: Public None Ace Server.
    L2 Server: Mission Nights & Battalion Training.
    L3 ACE & ACRE Realism Server: Op' Herrick MSO.

    3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment Gaming Unit holds a Mission night every Sunday at 19:30. Members also play our Op Herrick MSO game mode on our L3 server most evenings and is open to all members of the battalion.

    For more information Please Join us on Team Speak 3 our visit our Forum.

    Team Speak 3 :IP: port: 10062