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16th Special Reconnaissance Regiment (RECRUITING NOW) ARMA 3

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  • 16th Special Reconnaissance Regiment (RECRUITING NOW) ARMA 3

    16 Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR)

    The secrecy surrounding the SRR is even greater than the SAS or SBS, with very little info about the unit leaking into the public domain. We go above a miltary special force, we are capable of anything, our members are trained in anything and everything that might crop up.

    The Unit is European based with events at around 1900 GMT, however we welcome people from anywhere in the world. We ask you are of 17+ to join, but applicants under that age are welcome to apply with closer focus on the interview to gauge maturity.

    The Unit relies on the Individual soldier's skill and thinking, working in small teams of 4-6 means that you have a responsibilty to pull your own weight.

    You will be using different weapons and gear for each (Op) Operation, one moment you will be heavy loaded with M4A1's attached with optics and lasers, the next scrounging around on the floor with a dusty AK47 loading the last mag that you have in your ripped chest rig.

    Our campaigns will run from Jungle to Desert and everything inbetween.

    Any questions feel free to ask........



    Personnel are available from 1930hrs GMT+1 BST

    Recruit training takes place Thursday.

    Operations run Friday and Saturday Evenings 19:30hrs till late.