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    Carnage told me to post this here, so I am :3

    BlackOut Gaming is a clan, with a community. We started out in 2010 (near December I believe) and we've grown from one 12-slot Counter-Strike: Source server (which was hosted by GamingDeluxe too) to 7 TF2 servers which are increasing day by day in popularity.

    Feel free to check out our website and our servers, we've redesigned the entire site because the old one, eh, was a mess.

    IRC: #BlackOutGaming on QuakeNet

    Our server list: :: TF2 #1 - Orange_x3 24/7 - :: TF2 #2 - Dustbowl 24/7 - :: TF2 #3 - 2Fort 24/7 - :: TF2 #4 - Payload maps - :: TF2 #5 - Goldrush 24/7 - :: TF2 #6 - Surf maps - :: TF2 #7 - Allmaps -

    All servers are 24 slots and is hosted in the UK. More specific in London by GamingDeluxe (<33). We've just recently moved servers from a company in Denmark (cuz laggg), so the servers needs some manual filling before we gain regulars again, all the servers are usually full by 17 - 18.00 GMT +1. They are hosted on a Intel Xeon X3220 CPU and we're using CentOS with a custom kernel for the best quality possible on the servers.

    Have fun.

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    looking good, im sure youll get some interest here, good luck with the community and welcome to the GD family :)
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