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Manual Connection to new servers

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  • Manual Connection to new servers

    Heres a great description of the ways of manually connecting to new game servers: [URL][/URL]

    i recommend method #3

    Find Conan Exiles in your steam library.
    Right click "Conan Exiles" in your library and select "Properties".
    Then select "Set Launch Options..."
    In the window that pops up you'll want to enter the following: "+connect"
    Replace the IP given here with the IP from the server you're trying to connect to.
    Launch your game and then wait it can take a few minutes for it to connect you via tghis method to the server.
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    Another method you may find helpful, is creating links, that point to [URL]steam://connect/[/URL].

    This can be saved in chrome, or even on a desktop shortcut.