Gaming Co-Location

Pricing and Plans

Features 1 Unit
£54.00 /month
1/4 Rack
£260.00 /month
1/2 Rack
£475.00 /month
Full Rack
£900.00 /month
PSU 1 AMPs 4 AMPs 8 AMPs 16 AMPs
APC Reboot Ports 1 10 20 42
Feed Bandwidth 1GB 1GB 1GB 1GB
Dedicated IPs 1 10 20 42
Bandwidth 5mbps 5mbps 10mbps 20mbps
GD Game Database
Free Remote Reboot Port
Free Fast Map Server
Dedicated IP
DDoS Protection
99.9% SLA Uptime
1 Gbps Connection
Low Latency Network
Redundant Power
£54.00 /month Buy Now £260.00 /month Buy Now £475.00 /month Buy Now £900.00 /month Buy Now

Optional Extras

Additional IP Address

Need more? £1/month per IP

Extra Bandwidth

£9 p/mbit on 95th percentile

Extra Power

£45 p/amp

Still got some questions? Contact us now and we'll answer them for you sharpish!

Co-location from GAmingDeluxe is the perfect choice for server co-location. We have build our network from the ground up, specifically to guarantee Western European gamers the best in latency and ping for gaming. Our network runs on Cisco Routers and Cisco switches that can sustain multiple gigs of concurrent traffic. You will not find cheap Linux software routers with GamingDeluxe. All of our servers here are protected by 800gbs DDOS protection to ensure your server is free from attacks.

We can co-locate servers from 1U upwards, all servers are stored within our own racks located in our own suite in a Cheltenham datacenter, which is in a climate controlled environment that runs at a constant 18 degrees and with full power redundancy via UPS and diesel generators. You are welcome to visit us and or deliver your units to the suite and watch we will assist you in installing them.

Co-location services are ideal for clan's that own their own servers or are looking to buy one. Owning a server can save clan’s money when compared to DEDICATED SERVERS.